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Please Don't Feel Like Your Alone [entries|friends|calendar]
Stephanie Sunshine

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[14 Nov 2003|12:00pm]
Rawr I dislike this journal, I post more in my other one more anyway! If you seriously ever read my post tell me and I'll give you my other name account. Either post here or e-mail me @ meka_04_u@yahoo.com
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[14 Nov 2003|11:21am]
Goddddd..... I feel horribly...::Cries:: my throat is all raspy, but then it sounds like I'm trying to be sexy, but it has the opposite effect it you look at my face. ugh I tired to sleep and then my mom came our room and her air bed was laying on the side by the wall so she pushed it so it would fall on me. :| not cool... rawr, I want to go to Vegas right this very minute maybe I'll feel better...woohoo for gambling and drinking at like 1 in the morning! me drink O:) I'm an angel wahahah!....Tired, Raspy, Cranky, and Whole Body Shutting Down!

P.S. last night I spilt pop on the entire laptop and the keys were messing up and I randomly started crying over my laptop, No one wants to know how I fixed so I'll tell you anyway!

Okay I spilt my pop and it went everywhere over it, then I freaked jumped up and got a towel flipped the compy over then the keys sticked so this is the time i started crying so I thought...oh god this is going to sound stupid.....I sprinkled water over the keyboard to unstick it. so then I turned it off and put it infront of a fan. :| Now it works greatly tho!

P.P.S or P.S.S

I had a nightmare of me and mom in some town, and the building she was in and that I was walking towards started to blow up, I was crying and I thought she had died but I found her later:|
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[13 Nov 2003|05:07pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

this shall be a completly random post, ignore if you like....Okay I was laying on my side and i felt my hip and it felt cool, so conclusion, my hips r only pretty when I'm on my side laying down and the fat somehow shifts away....Curse you FAT! Also my boobs r only semi okay when I'm laying on my back, so if I ever decide to actually every have sex I will be on my back the whole time, no lights either so they don't see the scurriness! Anyways bye bye!


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[11 Nov 2003|12:10am]
YaY for money! I got to go to the mall and shop! I got some cute jeans and a shirt! it says "TRUST, no dame" Wahahahah! then I got some 00 gauges xD So Pretty!!!! Rawr go me! I bought mom two new Yankee tops and shannon a crow t-shirt! Rawr now I'm home and bored and seeking attention! Go ME!
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[11 Nov 2003|12:09am]
Ahhh I watched 28 Days Later and it wasn't scary I'm just afraid to freaking sleep now :( Wahhhhh no fair, rawr ::Sits up till morning to sleep:: Eahh, iwant to get a new tattoo now, I Hate You on the other shoulder in Kanji....boredom attackkkks!
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[10 Nov 2003|07:14pm]
scary PH33R M3!!!!!!!
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[10 Nov 2003|07:08pm]
YaY for money! I got to go to the mall and shop! I got some cute jeans and a shirt! it says "TRUST, no dame" Wahahahah! then I got some 00 gauges xD So Pretty!!!! Rawr go me! I bought mom two new Yankee tops and shannon a crow t-shirt! Rawr now I'm home and bored and seeking attention! Go ME!
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[09 Nov 2003|07:25pm]
title or description just in case the other doesn't show up. It's scary I know!
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[09 Nov 2003|06:21pm]
I had a dream about Lisa, it was too weird I haven't seriously talked to her in awhile why the hell would I dream about her. In the dream I went to her house and she lives in freaking VA. I was living in the upstairs and I don't think it's a 2-story. lol anyway I tried to avoid her after I found out it was her house, I was scared she would be mad I was staying, so then we went to this store and I pulled out money from my pocket and it was only 5 dollars and I found a shirt rack that said 33 cent shirts, so I was like woohoo and grabbed some, and her mom was nice and talking to me and for some reason there was a little baby like it was her sister, I have no idea it was too weird. ::Unconsciously wanting to visit Lisa I guess:: :>, I dyed my hair purple, it smells like grapes so strong that I feel sick everytime I smell it. :-& it's making me sick. but it's pretty I'll post a pic ! ::Muah::
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[01 Oct 2003|02:13pm]
secret kiss

You Are a Secret Kiss!

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Kissing someone else's sweetie is the best

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I miss someone right now and it pisses me off that I haven't seen them :|
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[26 Sep 2003|11:24pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

The Big Five Personality Test
Extroverted|||||||||| 34%
Introverted |||||||||||||||| 66%
Friendly |||||||||||||||| 70%
Aggressive |||||| 30%
Orderly |||||||||||| 46%
Disorderly |||||||||||||| 54%
Relaxed |||||||||| 32%
Intellectual |||||||||||||| 54%
Practical |||||||||||| 46%
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hell hath no fury on my past few days!
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[13 Sep 2003|11:18am]
NO one could seriously understand my needing of a STABLE/SERIOUS relationship. Ugh why is it so freaking hard to just get this one thing. Imma move to Japan and just find someone there when I'm like 25 I think. XD That would work greatly. Cause the one person I like just seems like a neverending whirlwind into cunfuzzelment. Lets see new random facts: I have a tattoo now WooHoo! I have my labret pierced and my horizontal bridge pierced. I shall post pictures in a few days cause my hosting site is being a bitch right now. Anyway I got to actually have a conversation with my roommate chick person thingy. It was about food tho mostly. Hmm Melanie and I went to Pookie's for applications. It would hella be awesome if we got jobs there. YaY anyway I'm off for now.
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[24 Aug 2003|07:00am]
[ mood | happy ]

Ahhh Today has been the funnest fucking night ever. I swear it was too perfect. okay I got to sleep for like 4 hours only but hey it's my own dayum fault. Okay so I go to GCC to transfer 2 classes to ASU so I can "Officially" live in there stupid dorms. Anyway I did that so now I have English, Math, Psy, and sum fudged up World Religion. O yes Religion the joys. anyway I went to the dorms to get my keys and then I went up to the room and I was like "push key in door" unlock Dammitttt! but no alas some random man opens it from the other side, I freaked and thought my dorm room was like co-ed at first. I found out that they were just friends with these two white chicks. One shook my hand and showed me to my room I pulled out the handy dandy key that I couldn't unlock the first door with. lol anyway the chick opened it for me. It's kinda small but atleast I don't have to share it with anyone my very own private room. I met the other gurl who shares the other half of the apartment. She's a pretty black chick. I said bye to them and left since I had nothing to move to the room that day. I then took mom and shannon to a mexi place since they were hungry. I got a phone call from KC WooHoo! hm, we eventually made plans to go to the mall. I had to also eventually pick them up at 27th ave, and indian school since I would take freaking 40 minutes on the bus. Rawr I bought some new gauges now 8's woohoo! there pretty! I got some glass ones and some pretty metal like ones. We went to Hamburger Mary's later on also, thats the coolest gay restuarant ever. There was this completely adorable guy who looked like Evan from Avril Lavigne's band! So adorable. We then played pool or more like me and Ashley played pool while KC watched on the sidelines. lol Ashley won DAMMIT! not cool! lol anyway, we went to Rocky and like yea, there was this chick at the end that I hugged and she kissed my cheek and grabbed my boobie as I walked away. I was like *Blush* ^^;; lol anyway KC went to hug her or more like I forced her to at the first time. We then went to Denny's and this is the FUNNIEST PART * DIES * i have never laughed soooo dayum much in my life. We ordered seriously: me: Cherry Cheesecake, Oreo shake kc:Hot Fudge Sundae Ashlie: Grilled chicken something and then all together a chessy fries. ooo Ash and I ate the cherry cheesecake and eventually ordered another one :)))) it was yummy. We were being so dayum loud and I couldn't breathe cause I was laughing so much, like I was telling the lady what I wanted to eat and I said so fast all my words came out the same time. lol anyway we laughed over this for awhile, I can never eat chicken or cheesecake again *dies* KC did this fucked up version of a person with Tuerets Syn, and was saying Chicken and continued to look like she was having a stroke at the same time! *DEAD* OMFG this was so great. I drove Ashlie home and like KC hopped out the car to scare a poor doggy to death almost. :)))) *dead again* Then KC and i went to her house and she didn't want to go yet so we drove around and she passed out in the car. This truck began following us for like 4 miles and it kept turning when I did. I was scared at first then it turned away after following me. I took her home and I finished my book I had been reading over there. Now I'm here and I can't sleep since I have class tomorrow and I need to get some stuff into my room today. Bye Bye for now.

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You're a rosy-cheeked ray of f'ing sunshine 24/7. I bet you smile a lot and little things don't get you down. Must be nice. Fuchsia's definitely your color.

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[19 Aug 2003|02:06am]

my iq and talent has soared to new heights. my intelligence may be the envy of all those that are wise, but it seems to have gotten the better of me. i tend to take things to the extreme and a chemical balance is nothing more than a pipe dream in my brain. i need to consider heavy medication... maybe even a straightjacket...

how mad are you?

this quiz was made by piksy
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[17 Aug 2003|07:11am]
Friends Only

Just comment and I'll prolly add you! Some people I'm going to be deleting tho cause I just don't want you reading my shiz! :-D Thank you and good Day!
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[04 Aug 2003|01:14am]
Okay slowly but surely I'm in the process of packing my room! I'm slightly peeved about something cause I just can't do anything about it! Blah I'm going to go to New Mexico on like Sept 5 to 7 or 8 to visit Kim! I WILL MAKE THIS HAPPEN! *yay* Grr. oOo I made a really cool friend on LJ! She is the shizzel!! I'm bored and I don't wish to write on here right now so buh bye it may be a while to I update later, cause I have to buy a new compy and stuff! anyway later!
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[29 Jul 2003|05:36pm]

There's a 26 - 50% Chance You'll Cheat!

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bitch I shall never cheattttt. Anyway I will rarely write in this journal. For no idea. anyway, I've been to GCC for the last two days and now I'm ENROLLED YAY! I'm the lastest student @ GCC YaY! Blah I'm bored an wish for death to slowly come over me. Blah no one has a dayum idea whats going on with me right now. I WANT TO SAY, but I can't. Anywayz I'm out!
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[22 Jul 2003|02:31pm]
far from freaky

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[18 Jul 2003|09:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]


You need a boyfriend, but only if he has a vagina.

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blah I went to the mall today with KC and her brother. Blah The joys of the mall. We stayed in Chika-fila or however u spell it. I liked that actually. Blah mom told me were moving to Oklahoma and like were going to get a storage thing to keep everything here and like we can come back when it's cooler. And I coming back in september to stay by myself WooHoo! anyway, I told KC that and she was like "I'm mad @ u" which she does everyday so it's nothing really :P Blah my mum started crying tho and it made cry almost and like I'm all sitting over on the couch trying not to talk or I would burst out crying, I've cried like every day this past week dammit :| Anyway I'm out for now!
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[16 Jul 2003|07:15am]

You Should Do The Pope!

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Whether it be in a slave/master setting or merely a dominant mate, being powerless in your relationship sexually satisfies you.

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